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Being an El Paso High grad there is noone else better than Danny Mckillip. However,even now there is one other coach that I would trust, Truman Wills from Austin. It is clear that there are very few coaches that have the knowledge that these two have. There are also almost none in El Paso that have Mckillip and Wills's teaching, mentoring, and caring capabilitiesh. Anyone who went to Austin and EPH wanted to run great for their respective coaches. El Paso lost two legendary figures, and it will be almost impossible to find anyone like them.

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Vince Bejarano
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Very well said. Now we'll have to see if their prodigies can match their success.

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Michael McLain
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These two men were great, but their are others that also belong in their league. Paul Pearson!!!!!!!!!
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Michael McLain
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Paul Pearson belong with these two coaches! !!!!
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Ruben Dominguez
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Good men. Great coaches.

If I had to do it all over again, if I wasn't so naive, I would have cut an under the table deal with Coach McKiilip to indirectly coach me. It would have just followed the protocol prevalent in ELP.

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