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Michael McLain
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As 2014 season is nearing this season has the potential to field some of the best teams ever. I see 3 girls teams that have potential to be great and 5 boys teams 3 in 5a and watch out for cathedral. But the question is are we going to ever go to a format that sets our teams up for success when we go against the bigger Dallas and Houston schools? The smaller meet format that we have in el Paso hurts us when we have to run in big competitive fields after district. It is also forcing those schools who want to do well in 6a to travel more during the season so their kids can get use to these big fields. Up until 1998 we use to have 1 meet a week in el Paso, and that was the last year an el Paso team won a 5a regional title. Don't know how many other 6a coaches feel this way?
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Ruben Dominguez
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I agree. The respective school districts need to realize that the small meets impact the level of competition in the long run. The sports departments do not have the mentality to note such trends even if pointed out.

I certainly benefitted from competing in the big XC meets in ELP every weekend for 2 years. After competing at the XC state meet, I realized I had been competing at a state competition level during the regular season.

A balance between big and small meet might work. It would certainly save on travel costs to compete in other cities in Texas.

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The big meets definitely help raise the level of competition.  While running against runners like Ruben, Tony Zuniga of El Paso High, and Claude Barron of Irvin every weekend may have been somewhat demoralizing, it did make me a better runner.  

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